Resources for IT Staff

For IT Staff

This webpage serves as a quick reference to IU specific information security tools and topics for IT Staff and others with similar IT support responsibilities. The information provided here reflects the most current policies, guidance, and tools available consistent with IU Information Security policies and guidance. The tools and topics covered on this page are maintained by the UISO and UIPO staff, with input from IT Staff. If you think a tool or resource is missing, please let us know by emailing


  • CCI Tools - Troubleshoot and resolve ADS, Exchange, and UniCom account issues.
  • Incident Response Webservice - Remove network blocks, manage incident notification subscription settings, and review logs.
  • Qualys - Scan your devices and web applications for vulnerabilities.
  • Institutional Data Standards Checklist - Learn what steps are needed to certify a platform for use with Institutional Data.
  • IT People DB - Maintain your units official contact information and find other IT Staff.
  • MAS - Add, update, and delete device registrations for DHCP and DeviceNet.
  • KB - Find answers to common IT questions.
  • Data Sharing & Handling Tool - Determine appropriate storage locations and sharing restrictions for institutional data.
  • VPGC Records Retention Schedule - Learn how long to retain official university records.
  • Campus Network Portal - Manage your firewall rules, request static IP addresses, phone numbers, new data jacks, and more.
  • NetDisco Dashboard - Identify and locate devices in buildings you support.
  • SecureMyResearch - Consulting and community-approved solutions for securing research projects
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