What is information security?

Information technology is woven into the fabric of the university and into our daily lives. The loss, corruption, or exposure of information can interfere with IU's mission, damage IU's reputation, or result in financial penalties. For individuals, there's the threat of financial loss and identity theft. Information Security and Privacy Program is IU's strategy to promote safeguards for protecting IU's people, data, and IT operations.

Do your part to protect IU

email phishing

Don't get phished

Beware of email schemes that intend to separate you from your data, your identity, and your money.

Learn to spot a phish

Vulnerability disclosures

Learn the guidelines to responsibly research and report potential vulnerabilities in IU systems and apps.

How to disclose a vulnerability

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Prevent identity theft

Working remotely or on your mobile device? Use these tips to do safely and securely.

Stay safe on social media

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