Information Security & Privacy Program


The purpose of IU’s Information Security and Privacy program is to protect the organization and the members of its community from security and privacy harms. The program maintains this goal while still enabling the safe and responsible use of that information for the achievement of institutional and personal goals. It also seeks to enable appropriate widespread use of IU's information assets, respect the privacy of individuals, and hold all individuals encountering information or information technology assets accountable to high ethical standards.

Privacy complaints should be reported to the appropriate IU privacy official. See Policy ISPP-27 for privacy complaint contact information.

Use data appropriately

Data governance is a collection of activities which help to ensure the proper management of institutional data, a strategic asset at IU.

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IT policies

Policies ensure proper use of Indiana University’s technological resources. They apply to all users, regardless of affiliation and regardless of whether access is on or off campus.

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IU Privacy Portal

IU’s privacy team monitors worldwide events, remains current on issues that affect you, and will continue to increase your awareness of emerging privacy topics.

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